Tuesday, December 16, 2008

USA Cycling Coaching!!

Over the past couple of weeks I have been studying. After that I took a test. Then I waited till this came in the mail today.

I hope you can all appreciate how excited I am about this. I have asked some very experienced coaches to give me guidance and I truly appreciate that they have agreed to give me guidance as I start on this new adventure. Call it my circle!!

And that is exactly as I see it. An adventure that starts with my enthusiasm for the sport of cycling and especially training methods and competition. And my never ending thirst for knowledge. And not just about coaching, but about the technology of the sport. From the latest grouppo to the newest disc wheel or layup of carbon fiber. And it ends (or maybe it just really begins) with helping cyclists in any way that I can to help them achieve their goals.

Why? I have thought over the last few days what my answer to why I want to be a coach will be and you know what? It comes down to this simple thing. I really, really want to!! Its as simple as that...and all that that entails!


Jatin said...

Well , Quite generous thought dear,
Today youth is leaning towards this Grueling sport. which demands for dedicated coach, those who can guide the new cyclers to achieve their goal by doing some right thing, in the right direction.

Donny Frey said...

Dude... That is awesome!!! Congratulations!

Ray Huang said...

Thank you Don-sorry I missed your Party!

I am also assistant coaching Audrey's XC ski club. I will help with the youngest crowd, the 4 to6 year old Bunny rabbits.