Monday, December 15, 2008

A fun run!

Iffy weather is the talk on everyones blogs!! But i have ot say that the runners have got it a lot easier in the winter. I have yet to run inot conditions that are not favorable for running. For example in the last three weeks I have run 10k's in 20's and wind, low 30's with wind and rain, 20's and deep snow covered trails.

And with a basic kit of light weight tights and a few thin layers on top with a thin shell or maybe my cycling jacket when its raining. My point being that cycling in inclement weather is a production. and riding in cold winter rain is just miserable no matter how you dress. Either your cold and miserable or overdressed and miserable.

So anways, I am running, that much we have determined. I'd rather be cross country skiing though!! The coach of the young skiers called the Hilltoppers that my daughter is a part of has encouraged the kids to get out and do endurance exercise tillt he snow falls.

Audrey finally agreed to a run with me Sunday so we suited up, got the two dogs ready and she and I did 3 miles around the Shaker lakes for 45 minutes of walking, jogging and trail running!! We were muddy, wet and happy. The dogs were muddy, wet and smelly and I suppose happy.

We had a blast a laughing and joking the whole way and I cannot wait to run with my little daughter again!!

Now to look for a flat and fast 5k race!! I figure why not use whats left of cross season fitness and 2 10k's a week of training and see how fast I can run a 5k.


Cycling Phun said...

Problem is I only run when someone with a knife is chasing....

Ray Huang said...

Dare I say it out loud, but I am starting to enjoy running. But I really think its the running with Friends that I truly enjoy. Monday I am supposed to run 45 minutes. I havent done it yet. Why? I'd have to run by myself. Heck I even woke up Friday at 4:45 AM to run with 3 others!! AM!!! YEEEAH, that's nuts.