Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Have you thought about what you want Santa to bring for you? Well how about a Rotor mountain bike stem that weighs a whopping 83 grams. Yes that is 15 grams more than a Cliff bar.

Also the power meter company Quarq has introduced its 2nd generation crank and is now a sponsor of Cervelo Test Team. I got to admit a weird feeling about this. Quarq's crank mounted PM is getting rave reviews and its priced fairly (vs SRM and Power tap)if not still unattainable for me. But when you sponsor a Pro tour team that's a lot of free gear which we the general consumer have to cover in added cost to the product. Why should this matter? Well one because in the beginning the owner and creator of the Quarq said he could do power meters cheaper and better than whats out there. And second, they already sell out, what will going overtime building units for the team do for availability? But at the same time-yahooo for them!! GO get em. Look at what sponsoring a Pro tour team did for Cervelo in the first place. Give a chick a chance!!

Do you like socks? Well I have a thing for Merino wool. Its so smart. It keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. HOws it know? It also resists stinking. Wish I could say the same for my HR strap. I found on Sierra Trading post quarter crew Bridgedale XHale Demon with Merino wool, polypro and spandex for...drum roll please....$6.77 with a 20% coupon. Got to love that. Smart Wools are $17 to $18 each. And I DO so like the cosmic cow look.

On Easton's sight they have a nice video about their 09 line of wheels. I confess I like Zipp wheels, but the new R4 hubs and EC90 wheels at $500 less look like a nice alternative for next summer's road racing!!

And last for today, with Cross done, its time to plan for 09, Oh Yeah baby!! Just in time (not)is an article from Matt Pacocha of Velo News on the cross tubies. Or just ask John!! But if you dont want to be tempted by a new tubie wheelset (or three) then just ask Shawn Adams how many $120 tubies he can flat in one race. That ought to scare that expenditure right out of you.


Shawn Adams said...

hey....don't make fun of me for being big and hard on tires!!!!

Groover said...

Oh, no! Don't give me any more ideas ... :-)