Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Totally zoned out!!

Euphoria cross series was cancelled (or postponed) today. Really bummed out I decided to go to the secret eastside training grounds for cross. SOme singletrack in a few hidden places and miles and miles of groomed paths that have some fun corners (if your going fast enough) and enough elevation change to get you puffing should you choose to do intervals.

But I am still on cyclevation so I rode easy. It was so gorgeous with small clouds dotting a blue sky. Temps in the mid 60's put a slight chill (especially riding easy)and it really smelled sooo good out there.

It was the smell that really hit me. I got to thinking about the "old days" when people would travel the countryside walking or on horseback and the books I have read recently in the times of King Arthur. Maybe it was just a bit like this. Traveling Not in a car but one with nature. Just a tiny bit like me on the bike out there.

I was so zoned out for so long that an hour or more passed like minutes and I came around a bend and almost ran over a family walking. I apologized and rode off almost laughing. Not at them but at myself.

I was laughing because I was happy in a way that was different from the usual things. My daughter, bike racing and a good training session, a good micro brew and ice cream or a good pizza or grilled steak. This was different. This was just me and a bit of nature, me on my new cross bike that was feeling so awesome under me, getting some exercise and feeling grateful that the world still has places to find some peace of mind.

What a joyful experience. Its okay that they come only once n a blue moon. It really makes you slow down and take it all in and enjoy it. Just dont run anyone over while in that drunk on sweet breeze stupor ok?


ds said...

If you zone out too much you'll miss the poop on the trails.


Ray Huang said...

Yeah, I was not reffering to the poop on my frame and tires when I wrote "sweet breeze". haha!!

Poor stinky new bike had to go home on the rack. OH the shame!

CycloneCross said...

Damn! DS beat me to a poop comment...

I have to say, I enjoyed riding the electric assisted bicycle more than my CX bike.