Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First boo boo

Last two days I rode a bit offroad. Yesterday on my SS cross bike and today I went back to try and clear a lot of the fun stair step type drops and rooty uphills i didnt dare even try on my cross bike. IN other words I ran a lot yeterday, which was fine.

Man theirs good riding by my house. Maybe you dont think so mon ami Mr. Absalon, but for a complete worthless mtb rider like myself, my oh-shit-o-meter is already pretty well pegged. I am so pathetic. But lets face it on a Specialized Epic full suspension bike and hydraulic brakes the only thing holding me back is lack of approach velocity and lack of cahonies.

First blood was drawn swiping a rose bush or something then approaching a true concrete or limestone broken up stair step I thought i took a good line and had some speed, but I think when the speed dropped quickly due to hitting the face of a step I didnt hammer on the pedals hard enough and fell right over. Fell on the step, handlebar jammed me in the thigh bruising and cutting.

OH well, got the first one out of the way already. It never takes me long. Its funny how in some things in life you get to have some innate ability and other things your just left clueless. Was I supposed to get out of the saddle and shift weight forward when I hit the step face or was it a time to put the weight back? Was I doomed by lack of speed or wrong gear from the get go?? Maybe I was supposed to lift the front wheel, weight back, but really jam the pedals to pop over?

I guess the things is the learning curve is what it is except while mountain biking when you screw up your usually gonna get a little hurt. There was the satisfaction of looking down a section of roots and drop offs and making it to the bottom, if not with style at least with my dignity in tact. Ditto for the same area in reverse.

But road racing season is over and I already got the first email for Audrey's Hilltoppers Cross Country ski team today!! Its time to have fun and see if maybe I can acquire some skills offroad this winter. Maybe I should buy that downhill racers body armour and some BMX pants and a full face helmet and full finger gloves. You know to ride single track at sub 10mph speeds!!

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