Friday, September 5, 2008

Electric Bicycles

What have you been up to? Me, Ive been busy (and stressed out) and not riding my bike as I should with Presque Isle in 2 days. I rode Monday for an hour and half and then Thursday night on the trainer for 39 minutes!! Ive gained 1.5 lbs since my season low at the Greenford RR too. Uuuughhh...but thats life.

Ive got some big goals for presque isle so hopefully a good ride tomorrow will open up the lungs and jump start the legs so I can really fly on my favorite TT course. Why is it my favorite? Well when the winds are right you can fly at 28 to 32mph for miles on flat ground. Thats why I ride my bike, to go fast!!

But I have been up to something very exciting. I dont want to get too deep inot it right now, but I have imported some very nice electric bicycles and after many shipping delays they finally arrived to Cleveland and were finally unloaded form the truck and ready for pick-up at 5pm. Hence why i rode the trainer for 39 minutes at 8:30pm last night.

One quick pic of the mountain bike model. Its more torque with this motor than speedy like the folding model and the 3-wheeler models (pics soon), but it definitely is fun to ride and Easy!!

one of four unique models


JimmyNick said...

Nice wheelbase. What are you gonna call it -- the Long Huang?

Ray Huang said...

Only with one of those trick mirrors...oh you mean the bike?? yeah-its quite a Cadillac.