Wednesday, September 24, 2008

20 words to say ouch

Potentially urban legend, but the Eskimos are rumored to have many words for Snow. I have got to think that mountain bikers must have a lot of words for Ouch!!

I went on a balls out fun, but damned aggravating mountain bike ride tonight that was technical with descents and really tough short steep climbs and narrow paths between trees and on the side of some steep hills (walked that one). Rock gardens, stream crossings after a steep drop, so many whoop de doo type terrain over rutted, rocky paths. Like ot hop over logs? Theres plenty and even some on the tops of the hills to add that extra bit of challenge. Ridge running then turn and drop down a steep hill in a narrow little ditch, wheels locking and unlocking then power up the next hill. Some new climbs with switchbacks were just man made last week by the curator of this amazing string of singletrack by the name of Chris.

Chris has this place nailed and Josh is really learning it so although they seemed very sincere that they did not mind waiting for me, they (Josh and Chris) could have easily done loops in the time it took me to do one. I was stopping and walking a lot.

And yes, as always I had a silly little crash that ended up hurting really bad. I hit a log too hard with the front wheel popping the front up and me bailing. Everything was cool till the handlebar got behind my knee and as I landed the wheel hit the log turning the handlebar and I got my right knee squished between bar and frame.

They were very nice to tell me that I did clear some pretty scary stuff and I looked like I knew how to ride a mountain bike, but was just rusty. Thank you.

I did clear a rocky descent, but at the top I almost endoed, but my brain actually made the right decision for once and i got off the front brake and bumbled down past all the jagged rocks. I was admittedly terrified when I thought I was going over because it was steep and nothing but uneven big rocks to hit. The ouch word for that would not be fit to print.

I am not a mountain biker, we know that and I havent been to West branch or Mohican, but guys and gals I know quality and I know challenging and this place has it in spades.

I was even taken away from some really technical sections. I would love to practice daily down there till I could clear the descents as well as all of those steep climbs, but sadly with my nearly 100% chance of crashing everytime I ride my Epic (or go to Ray's mtb park) I cannot ride it alone. Hence the secluded nature plays against me.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ray just thought I would let you know that I have a blog now too. Chris

Ray Huang said...

Ive been asked to keep this "place" on the down low so editing.

Its not illegal-its also a secret and thats best kept , well you know!!

Great news Chris. Divulge all your inner demons and etc.