Monday, March 10, 2008

More cross training

3rd time shoveling
The knee, well its really not changing so I am changing my workout routines instead. I basically stopped riding, but ended up replacing riding with at least 4 hours of shoveling on Saturday as the 15 to 18" of white stuff came down. Worse for my driveway is the drifting that always occurs. I could use my driveway for a windtunnel!! Ohh-that gives me some ideas!! Just kidding.
Saturday was fun to watch people XC skiing down the roads. Sunday at Hilltoppers many parents had stories of snow shoeing and skiing all over the eastside on the streets. One personn said they saw a man with a 2-dog sled going down a major road. At least people who lead healthy life styles find a way to make some fun out of a blizzard.

Saturday night Audrey and I tried riding our bikes in the snow after we shoveled. At first we both could barely ride, but the more we tried the better we both got. The winds almost blew Audrey right off her bike. It was funny to watch Audrey sledding on her own hill in the driveway too. Only a 4' to 5' high hill and probably a 60 degree angle!! Talk about a steep drop.

Plop, straight down

Then Sunday I went to Chapin Forest with Audrey and my wife, but quickly found out that walking in deep snow is much harder than skiing and it was killing my knee so I donned my skis and spent the next 3 or 4 hours wandering around lazily on my skis then got into an hour long snow ball fight at the Pine Forest Lodge. A lot of fun was had. We were there from 10:30am till 5pm and spent almost the whole time outside. My neck and shoulders were sore come Monday. Between core, squats, lunges, stretching, free weights, shoveling, skiing and throwing snowballs I got a lot of good workouts in this weekend. Audrey won an award as a standout Bunnyrabbit skier and moved up to Jackrabbit for 2008/9 season too. She was very excited. Go Audge Podge (her Hilltoppers nickname).

My wife and my sister in law tried snow shoeing for the first time and had a blast. So Monday after school we met some friends at Chapin, rensted the snow shoes and walked a good 4 or 5 miles (Audrey too) up and down hills and in fresh snow and some pre-made trails. Snow shoes provide a nice relaxing way to get exercise in winter. It was fun trudging through fresh snow and making new paths through the woods.

So that was the weekend, plus Monday's training. Didnt touch the bikes (well worked on them, but didnt work out on them), but was far from a lazy weekend. I am whooped, my wifes found muscles in her legs she didnt know she had and Audrey inhaled every snack we had on the way home tonight and then wanted dinner when we got home too! Miraculously we got her bathed, fed and in bed only 15 minutes late!

Whew-thats some cross training!! Bring on Spring!!

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MikeV said...

Shoveling is good training! It's like 200 "Good Mornings" in a row.
Check out my new blog. You'll like a couple of the links especially.