Monday, March 31, 2008

Chippewa Creek Road Race

One of my favorites!! The Chippewa Creek Road Race is May 18th this year. Last year I upgraded from 4 to 3 right afterwards. Maybe with some luck I'll upgrade from 3 to 2 this year.

Today was a busy morning.
4:45am let puppy out. Dont have to, but I was up.
6:00 alarm (I had been awake on and off since 2am so no problems getting up.
6:05 coffee maker automatically starts.
6:20 start my stretching routine.
7:10 Z3 Intervals and fast repeats on the trainer as I expected rain all day. Big ouch. Watched Paris Roubaix with sound off and MP3 player in my ear. Wouldnt you guess all the mellow songs played during the intervals...
8:40 kiss my daughter and shes off to Kindergarten.
8:45 strength routine, two sets.
ahh-finally breakfast. Eat light since I weighed myself, uggh..2.5 lbs gained...Where did that come from? Hope its water weight.

Also I flopped over in bed at some point from 2 to 5am and it hurt my knee. All day it hurt. Funny, eh? Train, climb hills, sprint, go up steep rollers, no pain. Roll over in bed-ouch. Its fine and will be better again tomorrow.

More crazy ideas for bicycling related products, home made carbon frame, new fixie project.....

Whens the next race? Whoop-I am tired, good night!!

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