Wednesday, March 5, 2008

4 new things

#1 Do you have have feelings of wanting to create something new? Something useful to the world that also excites you? I have lots of them nowadays and most of them are related to the bicycle and the environment. My latest idea is a ULV. HAHAHA!! I did it again, more abbreviations and acronyms. I love them I really do. But my idea is for an Ultra Light Vehicle. Primarily human powered, but easy enough to pedal at speed that a non athlete type person could drive it. Drive you say? Yes I am thinking three wheeled vehicle with electric motor assist of some sort and self charging. I need to talk to some engineers about a charging system, regenerative braking systems and that sort of thing. Also for commuting how cool would it be if pedal effort was constant from stop light to 35 mph up hill or down? I am under no delusions, the vehicle would not be that light, but compared to a car it certainly would be. But batteries and electric motors and complex drivetrains will add up quickly. How about a sleek, aerodynamic cover as well? Not only would it designed to lower the drag considerably, it would give the cyclist a presence on the road, more like a motorcycle or small car. my biggest obstacle is this. Is this a product without a customer? I am thinking maybe, but it would be a step in the right direction.

#2 I finally made good on a promise to Spin to buy a pair of 2007 S-Works road shoes. I only asked them to hold them for me a couple months ago. Or was that a few months ago. Whats more than a few? They weigh a very svelte 331grams for the left and 341 grams for the right (more Varus shims) with Speedplay X cleats. Carbon sole means stiff-just what I want after my heavy and all plastic Sidis. So far they feel great, but only one 1-hour ride on them. And now I have shoes for racing and shoes for rainy days.

#3 A group of six of us rode Monday in the 50 and 60 degree weather. Rapidly melting snow mixed with sunshine and a howling wind made the ride alternate from glorious to downright soaking wet and we were all filthy dirty and salty when we got home. But it sure as heck beats the snot out of the weather we have right now. 20's, a layer of ice and a few inches of snow on top with blowing winds. My hats off to those who commute on days like today. But the significance of Monday's ride to me is that I seem to have built a good base, even without any L3 (tempo),but the left knee hasnt allowed me to work on my L3-L6 power. When we were humping 500+ watts up Falls road I could really feel it. And when the pace went up climbing out of the valley, I had to back it off. Fearing not only for my knee, but also I just couldnt keep up without a deep effort. My wee little ego got bruised on that, I'll admit it. But I recover quickly and will build race form quickly.

#4 And finally I talked to my Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Blanda and got the bad/good news. The bad news is the MRI shows a small tear in my MCL. I had predicted a tear in my Meniscus, MCL or ACL or a combo, but the meniscus and ACL are fine. Whew!! Now onto the MCL tear. Its small which means it will heal by itself, but not very quickly. So thats the good news, No Surgery right now. Yeah!! As long as it heals by itself in two weeks I should be good to go. The other good news is I can exercise to my limit. I just shouldn't push it, but I am not going to tear it more (unless I fall and twist it of course). Its amazing to me how a small tear can cause so much stiffness and sometimes pain. Luckily the more I ride and walk and move around, the better it feels. I will just have to be patient now and wait for the ability to ride out of the saddle and really push on those pedals!! But I am happy, it could have been worse!!

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JimmyNick said...

Glad to hear about the knee, Ray.
As for commuting: I miss it a lot -- even on days like this. There was something rewarding about riding in the snow and having people roll down the window and say, "You're crazy, man!"