Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hey, where have you been?

A group of us (Brett D, Dave S, Pete S, Chris S and Dan M) rolled out for the infamous 5-hill ride. First up Sherman with its steep start off of Chagrin River road and then a second pitch that looks and feels like a 6% to me. Pete laid down some power up that one and when i caught up we rolled south to catch Old mill going west bound. This ones an average of 7.5% with two steeper pitches and almost 2km. Pete and I pushed each other all the way up with matching surges all the way till it leveled off. A meeting of clenched fists at the top meant "nice work".

From here we rolled down Berkshire and hit Old Mill eastbound. I was feeling better by the hill and set a high tempo and then up-shifted all through the middle where it is less steep. The second pitch Pete snuck up on me, but a loud shift gave up his position and I pushed the pace to the top finishing by myself. From there we rolled to Berkshire.

Up Berkshire and its very shallow early grade I went hard, even going to the drops. Dave and Pete came along and as we headed up the hill Dave came around for a pull then Pete took over and pushed the wattage up to 375 watts. I took one final pull to pop us over the top then it was back down to Chagrin River road.

All this time I am thinking about how weak and not like myself I have felt on the bike, but today I was feeling good. Even yesterday and I didnt feel that strong or good when the heat was turned up. I am also really happy with my S-works shoes and the evolution of my position seems to be going very well. I feel smoother pedaling my bike under load and going uphill, though my wattage is (as it should be) down from race pace, its good for now. As the Euros say I was having good sensations on the bike today.

We finished the ride up Cedar where again it was Pete, Dave and I. I set the early pace and Pete stayed glued on my wheel, but Dave decided he wasnt giving up and stood up to close the gap and half broke a link on his chain. Its good it didnt break all the way or he'd be pulling his knee cap off of his stem. Dan provided the tools and Brett did the repair. After the repair we drilled it up the false flat that I love on top of Cedar hill to SOM. Faster and faster we pulled.

Yeah, it was good to feel like myself again. Knock, Knock... "Hello??" "Who's there??" "ME you dummy!!"


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I told you you'd come around.

Ray Huang said...

Thanks. It was a fun ride where the pace was pushed higher and higher and the cold air rushing faster, faster by....Very cool!!

But I am far from fully around, maybe 90 degrees form bass akwards.