Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Westlake 06/12/07

Now this was weird. My first race where I just sat in, did nothing and ran with the group in the draft for 44 miles. A funny thing happened mid-race while we were doing what we had done for laps. Two guys yelled at me when i came to the front to just sort of hang out and look at different behinds and jerseys (you know what they say, if your not the lead dog, the scenery never changes). I guess they didnt appreciate me not pulling through on the completely unorganized and so called paceline they had tried to form. I almost laughed at them, but I held my tongue. Outside of that I got a a great workout I couldnt have had on my own, riding only low to mid Z2, but riding at 24 to sometimes 30 mph!! So with the exception of some cranky, mouthy guys and others who cannot hold a line through S-curves, it was a nice night. Hopefully next week I'll be able to play again. Now its a recovery day and get ready to lay it down tomorrow at the Team Lake Effect Time Trial in Hinckley.

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Mehul said...

Don't feel bad, the same two guys that were yelling at you were actually yelling at each other and ironically are the squirrelliest riders out there. In fact, one crashed towards the end of the ride.