Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Westlake 06/05/07

I'll keep this one short, but I did my first Westlake race and jumped into the A race!! I dont know how many people raced, but it looked to be over 30 to me and a star studded field of Cat 1's and 2's. Snake BIte had John Ehrlinger and Tom Keller and of course me. I heard the 23 lap race was 25.7 ave speed so it was fast and I tried to stay aggressive even attacking myself, though short lived, and trying to get in a good break. Late in the bell lap Batke and two others went and I had to close a small gap to get up to them. I thought this is it as we had a gap and not much left to the lines o iwent by all three and took a long pull, but Paul Martin came around and I didnt jump as he came around hard. When a small group came around including Weeks and RGF I sprinted and came in about 8th (maybe 7th). I was ecstatic to say the least as it was a fast, long race and it looked like attrition was high and I finished at the front with a nice gap behind me to what was left of the field.

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