Friday, June 8, 2007

TT training-full on!!

Exciting next two weeks for sure. Training full on for the State Time Trial and trying to get as much power in my legs as I can in two weeks. My weight is going in the right direction again finally (less BBQ and Beer!!) as well. I have been fretting the fact that I dont have a flat TT course to practice on, but this time its all working in us East sider's favor. The State (and National if I go) are rolling TT courses this year so its perfect to train on our ever rolling roads.

I got to say that this type of training is extremely mentally challenging. Sure its hard physically, but trying to maximize speed while bearing in my mind theres only so much power to be had for a nearly hour effort is darned draining on the ole grey matter. You see on a flat course its pretty much you against the wind and rolling resistance. Your fighting to gain 0.5mph over the course of 20 to 25 miles. On a rolling course your speed can go form 10mph to 40 mph and back down to 22 and thats just a quarter of a mile. Now just imagine what the power looks like.

But, luck favors the prepared darling so got to just keep digging deep these next two weeks!!

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