Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New goal and Ziiingg!!!

Well, I have one of my goals set for 2008 already!! Top 3 overall at the State TT and of course win my age group. Tall order, but goals should be tough!!

On a side note, I went to spin out my legs last night and man did my legs feel great. I have done easier rides and my legs have felt like crap for days. I must confess to being stumped on this one, but happy. I bet tonght they dont feel as good, but who knows. Sometimes its the ride two days after a hard effort that makes the legs scream.

I also cleaned up my TT bike, took off the rear wheel and hung it up on its hook. I took off the heavy disc wheel covers and put the wheel back on my Cannondale Six 13. I hopped on it and almost fell off the back of my seat when I put my first pedal stroke in it down my driveway!! NO, I am not miraculousely stronger, but that the wheels were so much lighter (as well as the bike) the bike just sprung forward compared to my TT bike. Uh-ohhhhhhh....you know what this means, the TT bikes going on a diet for 2008!!

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