Monday, September 7, 2009

Tour De Tamarack

What an awesome course. Seems were very blessed to have so many awesome race courses in our area. I dont have time to do my usual full blown report, though I'd love to because I had big expectations of myself, but reality said otherwise. So I changed my focus from self to sacrifice and it worked out great (though not necessarily because of me) for the team. So of course I want to talk about it. Great and I mean great team race for Carbon Racing.

Carbon Racing took 1st out of a 2 man break with Dan and the field sprint for 3rd by Shawn. But we were all on the attack and counter attack all race long. Also a shout out to Dave Steiner who was so strong Sunday.

In the mean time Mike Briggs took these great shots from the race that I would like to share.
I didnt have the power I expected, but climbed at the front none the less (nothing like Dan though-holy crap did he fly) and it looks like everyone was hurting including myself.

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photogrif said...

Thanks Ray, I take it you got the link from Dan?

Hoping to be able to shoot more of you guys and MVC. Trying to work out my schedule to maybe get up to do Erie TT on the 20th?