Thursday, September 24, 2009

1,2,3, YOUR OUT!!

Bad day riding in the trails. I dont know why, but it was just awful. First I went off the grass into loamy dirt and my front wheel washed out and I body slammed myself. That was #1.

Then I was climbing a twisty, rocky area that tops out going around a tree stump. As I wrapped the stump my right shin caught a broken downed tree limb and going full force on the pedals it stopped me cold. That hurt so bad I couldnt pedal right for a long time. 2nd blood drawn.

Then I cleared two hard descents I sometimes have problems with and felt I was back on track. Yahoo!! Then I had some minor spills of varying amounts of pain.

Then the doozie. I was in a rock garden and was riding an up and down area when I didnt carrry enough speed to clear a rootie, rocky bit and I went off the back of the bike and when I stopped hitting boulders and whatever I pushed the bike off of me, pulled my knees in and hugged myself super tight before the full onslaught of pains hit me. And I do mean pains. Forearm, back, hamstring, legs...ouch...I am glad no one came by at that point. I bet I looked like I wanted to cry.

What the hell was that all about?

On the bright side yesterday I went to Edgewater to do the Wednesday training ride. Cameron and I took the holeshot and rode off the front the whole race on a fun course laid out by Justin Picorelli. And on the very last lap Cameron attacks me by the highway stretch and I cover it and am on his inside to the run-up and I drop my chain (for the first time ever in a CX race) and he gets to ride away uncontested for a final sprint. OH bummer. But it was good to have some form after very, very little training lately.

And I didnt crash once at Edgewater even with the drop-off by the stairs. I guess I was just putting it in the bank for today.

Damn do I have some serious aches and pains. Tomorrow morning should suck hardcore.

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Tom said...

were you at West Branch? It's slickery back there even in the driest conditions. And, while you were racing with Brad W, you probably didn't a chance to see how scarred his legs are.