Monday, June 1, 2009

One Small Step

It seems forever ago that I was riding on the roads after a cyclorcross race when I was verbally and physically assaulted by a motorist. Luckily for me there were witnesses and Matt Weeks instructed me as my impromptu attorney. We called the police and made a report. I followed through as did Matt. Thank you so much Matt.

I wont go into the many extroidinary details about the driver I discovered in the process, but suffice it so say that it was not his first, 2nd, 3rd or possibly even his 4th rub with the local law. One other side note was the officer in charge of my case truly fought for this conviction.

The driver was convicted of an assault charge, but was given Diversion meaning I THINK that if he does things like anger management classes he may get a reduced sentence? Again, I dont know and I honestly think the anger management is what a lot of humans need, but him for certain. And I mean a LOT!!

Since i am not divulging a lot of details why am I even talking about this? Well a rider familiar with his make and color of his vintage car and location he lives in had a much different experience with him over the weekend.

He waited patiently in his driveway for him to pass on his bicycle and when he came to overtake he moved to the other side of the road and passed him without an issue. I have had many near misses that I wish I had gone straight to the police station or pulled over and called the police, but I easily dismissed them due to thinking of what a waste of time it would be for me and facing the usual anti bicycle bias.

But I hope my story and my taking action for once shows that it is worth your time. And not for getting EVEN or REVENGE. But because there are very dangerous people out there with serious anger management issues or just plain old lack of morals and maturity. And it doesnt matter if the guy or gal is driving a rusty beater in Rocky River or a $150,000 Mercedes in Chagrin Falls. They are out there and they are one thin, taughtly strung thread away from snapping and hitting you with their car or jumping out of their car and assaulting you.

But I hope my friends experience with this driver shows that it is worth the time to make that police report and follow through. I can tell you I never had to face this driver after the incident and I believe he has no idea who I am. Anonimity in my case was very important to protect my family. So its one small step for cyclists, but I hope an even bigger step for the driver.

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ueberdiebruecke said...

Well that was me who had the recent experience. As I was on the TT bike I was pretty focused, and was startled to see the car ... and then for a moment was prepared to have something -- if only words -- hurled at me. It was nice to be able to put my head back down and keep hammering.

So ... yeah ... it does pay to pursue justice. If not for yourself for others on the road.