Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bicyclist Harassment Ordinance Passed

OHio so needs this Bicyclist Harassment Ordinance. Wait, the entire world needs this law to be passed.

also, got passed twice in blind corners on two lane roads today with the drivers squeezing ME just in case a car was coming the other way. What do you want to guess this very day they bitch about someone doing something thoughtless to them?


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Kevin said...

I'd like to see that ord. passed as a state law. Hopefully there's already some protection in the current laws.

I actually had someone throw stuff at me last weekend for the first time ever after thousands and thousands of miles.

I keep thinking I should put a google map application together to keep track of these incidents.

My current subjective impression is the worst/most dangerous place to ride on the east side is the Lake/Geauga border within about 5 miles of route 608. But it would be interesting to actually tally up the incidents over a couple of seasons to see if any pattern pops out.