Monday, June 8, 2009

Groveport Grand Prix 2009

The State TT course from the last two years is now a stand alone event with a Merckx class and 2-man (or man and woman or women). Turnout looked quite good to me and the weather was to put it lightly -perfect.

Maybe I'll write more, but I just wanted to say I did some experimenting with pacing and I think I did a bit better job than the last two years on this course. Although I only improved slightly in the first 11 miles, I believe that it allowed me to carry a lot more speed in the last 12 miles. I averaged 29mph for the last 12 miles.

Just like last year that was a blast and sure makes the torture of a 38km TT race a lot more bearable. But the confidence from some hard cat1,2 racing this spring and tough TT workouts designed by Sean Gilbert really made the difference. I knew I could hammer hard into the wind and rollers Sunday.

But the headwinds remain my Achilles heal. I just dont put out enough raw power to hold any more speed right now. A little more aero work and more training (of course)and maybe I can bump it up a bit more. But its the same for everyone. No one feels like they are laying it down after making the first right hander on this course.

Then as if one long TT isnt enough I partnered with Brian Batke for a 2-man TT. We hammered it out and came in 3rd. I have finally done enough long TT's that they dont seem to go on forever (all at Groveport btw). I feel like I know how to pace the whole event rather than feeling like the end seems hours of pain away. I mean it feels like the race is now more compact and I can see it in shorter increments. The next mile, hill, corner, downhill come and go so quickly.

Great pics of all of us here including two man team pics.

In the single TT I ended up with 5th overall behind Paul Martin, Matt Weeks, Andrew Clark and Brian Batke. I turned in a personal best of 51:22 at 27.6mph ave speed!! I am very happy with that. Hopefully I can go just a tick faster at States in two weeks. Two 38k TT's in less than 2.5 hours ought to be some good training!! Matt and Paul nailed 49 minute runs. Way to go guys. Its hard to imagine going that fast for me, but at the same time I am only 1:32 away.

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