Monday, August 25, 2008

Valley City Race Pictures

Tris and Eric on an Epic 44 mile breakaway

Seems like Team Columbus has been doing these LONG breaks all year. Its so unbelievably tough, but so worthwhile when it ends in a W!!

I brought us back to 4th on the road

I left it too late to bridge solo to the 3rd and 4th place break. Stupid of me!! I mistakenly thought someone else would bring it back...silly me. lol But I brought us back to fight for 4th through town and the fun twsisties out of town before I bailed on the sprint about 200 meters after this shot. And-do you see any hair under that helmet?!?!?! I might need to spend some time with a fine tip Sharpie!!

These pictures courtesy of Rick Adams. Great pics!!

and thank you so much to Snake Bite racing for a great race. Last year I worked the top of the Lester Hill. It was a lot more fun racing it!!

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