Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cyclo cross is coming.Thank you is not enough

I had originally planned on having Zak Dieringer make me my own line of Cyclo cross frames to sell. I had some pretty cool ideas (nothing revolutionary, but cool), but I got stuck when I inquired of the type of custom steel tubesets I needed to make this dream a reality I realized I didnt have the economies of scale to make this a reality. one off tubesets arent a dime a dozen as you can expect.

One thing lead to another and I had Zak build me a Cross frame anyhow using Dedacciai main tubeset and his choice of Columbus stays with some custom bends. The one idea I contributed was my rear brake cable stop that eliminated some brake cable housing and heavier cable stops and bridges. Less weight and less friction was my goal. OH and to look cool too.

The frame ended up very light for a standard steel frame. 1759 grams including the seat collar and 27.2 aluminum insert for the seatpost.

As you can see it came out gorgeous and the TIG wleding by Zak is really nice and clean. Although the Spectrum powder coat is first rate, they didnt even come close to the color I wanted. How far off well imagine a burnt orange metallic and getting a purple that looks orangy brown in the dark. Yeah that bad. But I like the color just fine so it wasn't worth sending it back in this case. if it were a road bike I would have, but as a cross bike I thought it would actually look great covered with mud!

Now here is where the Thank is not enough part comes in!! I didnt really have the funds for a project like this so Thom let me borrow his build kit from his Fixie/SS project hopefully coming in the late fall. Thank you td and Zak for helping me out.
Wanna see it? I bet you do!! Well here it is...

Now a lot have asked me why I am doing a SS this year when more speeds make you faster. Well, I have my reasons and they are no secret. I'll try and cover why later. I think they are good reasons!!


CycloneCross said...

That that is a SWEET ride! It was really hard for me to leave it when I was borrowing your pedals last weekend. How much is the weight with everything built up? Will you be at the Euphoria CX race next Weds? Also, what's your rear hub spacing?


Ray Huang said...

It was 18.5 lbs without cutting the steerer, etc. I'll need to weigh it again soon. I can take a lb away easily with just a few small changes, but I probably wont.

The spacing is 135mm. Feel free to ride ti anytime.

I will not be at the Euphoria series till after Presque Isle TT!!

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

I know your reasons.

a( ray's a wieght weenie

b) ecspecially when it comes to cyclocross

CycloneCross said...

Depending on if I get a new frame ordered or not, I might be racing SS on the KarateMonkey I bought off of Ernesto last summer. The K-Monkey is currently doing duty as a track bike for Lorain (so that Sadie or Rick can also race), but I've got a couple of freewheels and 130bcd front chain rings to choose from. What gearing are you using? (If it's a secret, just wisper it to me over email, I won't tell)

One thing's for sure, your bike's gonna be a helluva lot lighter than mine!

Ray Huang said...

Of course if budget was of no concern this would be a sub 16lb bike with tubulars!! But its still quite light.

Last year Thom did great riding a SS against the geared bikes at Spin and Broadview heights, etc. And his SS bike was a no crap 28 lb bike (with the wrong tires)at least!!! This ones already 18lbs.