Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Still running, from what I dont know.

Man I hate to say it, but I think running has made me a bit stronger bicycle rider. I feel like it has also chnaged the way my body recovers form efforts and I think instead of making recovery worse, it has made it faster.

So lately I have been running 3 to 5 miles on MOnday, Intervals Tuesday (usually commuting)a hammerfest hill ride on Wednesday for 50 miles, run 20 to 40 minutes Thursday, Friday off, Saturday pre-race ride with a variety of intervals and road race Sunday.

Thats quite a week if you ask me. I go from tired and running well on Monday to riding well, but with tired legs to Wednesday and resetting power numbers every week to exhausted Thursday and running decent, exhausted Friday and then really bad legs Saturday to good legs by the end of the intervals and racing Sunday.

But theres been other fun things ot running. It has allowed me to exercise with my daughter Audrey. Shes such a nut to hang out with and talk to. Shes not always happy about riding her bike while I run, but she usually caves and we have a good old time.

Heres a pic of her on her scooter. She does more tricks on it than I thought was possible. She pops wheelies and can do a ballet of moves on it with her friends.
helmet went on soon after
And in case the picture loks a bit strange-shes catching some big air under those tiny wheels. Check out her wheelie!!

Time for wheelie bars
Anyways,I digress. Running is going well and this weekend I'll do my first race pace run since the Richmond 5k and then follow it up with a hard ride on my TT bike. Then its the double weekend of Valley City then the JCB BIathlon. And dare I admit it, I am looking for another Bi/Duathlon or even 5k to close the season off.

Thank goodness the recovery has really been good because I'll need it Saturday night between those two races.


ds said...

Audrey has some mad skills on that scooter!!


Ray Huang said...

Its fun to watch her. Of course I'm her dad so of course I'd say that. Thanks!!

We rode bikes and ran up and down this steep hill last night (her idea). Till she crashed running down the hill, landed on her head, tumbled, made a crying sound, then sat-up, threw her hands and feet up and fell flat on her back and said "no more". What a nut.