Thursday, October 9, 2008

No pain, yes gain.

Today's training was supposed to be a 30 minute run. I got home and hopped on my mountain bike instead, made sure the tires were nice and squishy in case the single track was wet (lots of rocks and roots) then headed for the first section (the harder possibly of the two). I found a few easy sections to warm up and then started to wonder where the good stuff was. I finally found the right spot to "drop in" and got rolling.

What a huge difference from the last time. Arms loose, feeling a lot less scared. sometimes steering the bike around tress and through tight climbing sections and ONE finger braking. Its amazing how much stuff is down there because though I rode some familiar stuff, there were parts I didnt even see that I recalled from last time or saw them form the corner of my eye.

Yeah I still unclipped, but this time only because I messed up, not because I decided no-way. Well I did once. Your on a narrow path with the ravine on your left then you go into a deep ditch with hand laid slabs of stone at the bottom and large rocks and a short, but steep climb back out and right into a narrow rocky ascent between trees. I started to walk it then I manned up. I went back 20' and rode it.

I mean I rode ditches for an hour Sunday, this is just a ditch with scary rocks everwhere!! I almost made it out too, but I just had to tap a foot and I was on my way. And the very next section was more super narrow (like the E&C trail where ti winds down the side of the ravine)) path with a drop off on one side. Last time I walked it, but this time with Josh's words ringing in my ear I kept going and cleared that too. He said the key to this is to just keep pedaling!! Boy did a stiffen up my arms a few brief moments and almost stiff armed myself down the ravine.

That stiff arms thing happened a lot less today. Chris said you just have to ride it a few more times. Way less braking, way less bailing...ahhhh...very nice.

After returning home and swapping a bike jersey for a running top I took my dog for a short run and enjoyed the new Halloween decorations popping up in neighbors yards all over Cleveland Heights and University Heights. I ate dinner and still something was bugging me, something about tonight was different....

Then it hit me, I just came home from my first mountain bike ride without getting cut, bashing a shin or knee or hitting the deck or sore hands from death gripping the brakes and bars. In fact I dont feel any different now than before I left and that I got to tell you is a super nice way to feel!! Finally!!

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