Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Berkshire Challenge. Get with it!!

Hey all,

Remember my post about the unofficial Berkshire Challenge?

Well theirs still time to post a time and get it to me. Nothing on the line but a post for posterity sake. Maybe next year you'll beat it.

I STILL want to have an outlaw TT up a local climb. I had timers and unofficial officials who kindly volunteered, but I dragged my feet and thats all it takes for the weeks to fly by.

I will make it a priority next year to find a date and a wicked little climb for a show up and race and keep on riding Hillclimb!!


Jim said...

Need help on the hill climb? Let me know

Ray Huang said...

I'll come a knocking. Still need t find that hill with a secluded start and at least a mile or two of climbing and a secluded finish. The idea is everyone ride there, do your ride then keep going at the top and then email results and post them on my blog. Its like we were never there!!

Thank you!!

thump said...

These hills aren't too secluded, but Snowville is a bit over two miles long, and--I apologize for not knowing the name of the road--that brick road that runs into Chagrin Falls off South Woodland, I think, is a bit over two miles. And riding that road has the added benefit of shaking loose all your bike parts and fillings.