Friday, April 27, 2007

Eagle and 50 cadence

I think most cyclists have a ride or a hill that they use to gauge themselves. In a way it could easily have been Fairmont heading west from Brainard to Richmond. If you know it then your thinking, are you nuts, well yes I am thank you and this is why. This darn little false flat was kicking my butt at the end of every ride home. Imagine trying to spin up that monster of an incline for weeks or months in a 36/23, Sure your thinking, Old Mill makes you want to turn around and find another way (well not anymore :) ). First signs of life was when I noticed I was in a 21, then a 19, then a 17 and on and on. But one day I happened to find a nasty little hill on Eagle. My first two times up were weeks apart (and 5lbs less body fat) and I could barely muster 50 rpm each time. It was weeks later again in unseasonably nice mid winter weather that i followed an attack by Chris Bilowich up it and when I got home and DL the Power Tap data, 85 cadance!! Now thats some progress!! I havent been up and over Eagle since January of 07 and I am thinking its time for a rematch!!

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