Thursday, January 3, 2008


How funny is this?? I was at Chapin today with Audrey (Dick was arriving as I was finishing up and I was talking to another cyclist this morning who was skiing at Chapin) and as I practiced the Skate stroke by myself, I saw a lady skate by with a pretty smooth stride and realized quickly I was doing it Wrong. Yes, I was pushing off with one leg instead of transferring my weight to my lead ski. I did get a little better after watching her. I need lessons.

I am learning without poles too which is supposed to help. Also my Swix CT-3 poles were too long and I hope my new poles come in the morning tomorrow so I can get to Chapin by early afternoon again.

Also, my daughter is a natural at Classic. Very fun to see. She seems to enjoy it, but I know she'll have even more fun when she does it Sunday with a bunch of other kids her age!!


Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

Dad is trying to get me to go to Chapin too. I heard it's supposed to be 56 on Monday! The snow must be nervous.

Ray Huang said...

I am going today, tomorrow and Sunday (for Hilltoppers, my daughters thang!).

Then I will be on my new/used Krietler 3" rollers or KK again next week.

A buddy and I keep discussing this 3 hour ride from E&C parking lot up to downtown then down to Akron on the path on our mountain bikes. Nice endurance ride and loads of sights to see.

Feel It: The Factory Rider said...

are you going to the trainer rides at Bike authority on wed nights?

Ray Huang said...

Robert-I am afraid not-its too far to drive home afterwards. I live in Cleveland Heights. Going to Chapin in about an hour. My wife just called and said my poles are here. Yahoo!!