Tuesday, November 27, 2007

B B B B B BEER, I love Beer!!

There was a time when i was disillusioned that I was a wine drinker. I was in the fine dining business so you have to forgive me. But I am Back!! Well been back for quite some time. Then there was the decade of Budweiser and the occasional micro brew. I remember some tasty brews at Rock Bottom Brewery in the flats (when the flats were alive and fun) and a trip for my best friends wedding in California and my first taste of wheat beers ( 14 years ago?).

But now I am older and skinnier (yet no wiser, huh that sucks). Thanks to the guilt associated with trying to be a roadie you see. So now I restrict my self to one or maybe two tasty brews once in awhile.

So I raise a pilsner glass to those many skinny roadies who like me succumb to the guilt of the all mighty scale and say....."If your only going to drink One beer, what will it be?"

Hey and look what a fine fellow I am...I'll start with a few choices:

Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat-such a boom baby wheat with a citrus kick and maybe ginger?

Ommegang Three Philsophers Quadrupel-dark, rich Belgian ale!! 9.6abv-it will knock you down skinny boy. abv is alcohol by volume

Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale-tastes like pumpkin pie in a bottle. Great for the fall, like duh.

P.S. if you haven't guessed already, this is a participation thing!! So lets hear what brewskies have been chilling in your icebox.


Gary said...
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Gary said...

I usually find that Guinness makes a great recovery drink. Although, during cyclocross a Belgian white is a tasty treat!

As for what I currently have in my fridge: Great Lakes - Dort, Burnin' River, and Eliot Ness.

Now I just need to track down my bottle opener. Thanks Ray... ;)

Anne said...

Founders IPA for my year 'round fav.

Bells Oberon and Amber Ale are fine too. Both from fine Michigan micro breweries.

Both breweries are great supporters of the fine sport of cycling. A fine partnership.

Chris B said...

I love good Asian Beer. Kiran Ichiban and Singha are my favorties.

dave said...

Red Stripe and Guinness, but you can't beat Christmas Ale this time of year.

Anonymous said...

guinness. none of this cold, transparent, u.s.-recipe stuff, though.

rodenbach grand cru



oud beersel kriek

the stinkiest, hoppiest, most ridiculously sour beers, usually.

hand-pulled english pub ales, served at room temp.

yay! beer!

Mehul said...

Funny how you post about beer and you get all the attention.

As a beer snob I am going to reject your choices of Leinekugel and Blue Moon as they are from large breweries like Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks, YUCK! Nice choice however with the Three Philosopher's, GREAT Belgian anytime of the year, just make sure you enjoy it with some 'frites'!

I have GLB Christmas Ale, Ichabod's Pumpkin Ale, and what today I am declaring my favorite of all time and is available on draft at Melt is Dogfish Head's 60 minute IPA.

Make a trip to either La Cave du Vin or Melt Bar and Grilled for probably the best selections of beers in Northeast Ohio, just make sure to pick me up and take me with you so I can make sure you don't drink crap!

Anonymous said...

Uh, how 'bout St. Pauli Girl N.A.?

Back when I drank beer (to excess), my favorites were the al-grain American ales and IPAs that I brewed myself. Well, those and the GLBC roster, including a few of the world's truly great beers (Burning River, Edmund Fitzgerald, Conway's and Commodore Perry). And all those German brewmasters who resettled in Mexico preserved the art of real lagers.
Oh, and Pearl Light will always have a special place in my heart -- only 68 calories, and alcohol and flavor levels to match!

Ray Huang said...

I am definitely loving anything thick and dark. I forget the brewer, but Siberian Night is a doozy too. In fact I could go for one right now, but its 11am and I am at work....bummer. Only thing in the fridge here is some Miller Lite.

Ray Huang said...

Gary-stick that beer cap in your eye socket and twist. It wont work, but it will be funny as heck in that get something jammed under your nail kind of funny way.

Anne-I think they sell Bell's Oberon here and i think Ive had it-yummy.

Quote:"odenbach grand cru



oud beersel kriek

the stinkiest, hoppiest, most ridiculously sour beers, usually."
Man-I dont think Ive ever heard or seen any of those. but i'd like too.

Mehul-so when are we going??? I am serious. Have to clear it with the wife first-hear that whip a crackin?

Anonymous-Willoughby Brewing Company has a tasty IPA!! Its a stones throw from Spin Bike shop too. Look at bikes, drink beer!!

Brian B said...

as I just happen to be in Germany right now, I'll say that a fresh German beer is pretty darn good. Today I had a nice Pils and then a Hefeweizen (cloudy wheat beer). But as good as they are, the limited styles do seem to get a little boring after a while. imho, we have a better variety of good beer in the US.

Mehul said...

"I am definitely loving anything thick and dark." -- Ray Huang

I need to shed a few pounds before I get back to either Melt or Cave du Vin (I feel bad drinking so much beer at a wine joint). Cave du Vin needs to be coupled with a trip to Mint Cafe. We'll be in touch though, I love going to places where the people actually know what they are selling.

The best way I can compare this mass produced crap is to department store bikes. How is that for food for thought?

Ray Huang said...

Brian-Hoffen Sie Ihr Haben einer netten Reise. Haben Sie ein sicheres Reisehaus. Haben Sie ein für mich während Ihr dort erstes.

Mehul-Just ride your trainer with no fan for 2 hours and then weigh yourself right afterwards and wow-2 lbs lost-Time To Eat and Drink!!

Bill said...

Dudes, dudes, dudes.......
PBR, Falstaff, Rolling Rock and a sixer of Milwaukee's Best! Now that's some fine beer drinkin'

Ray Huang said...

Bill-is that Billy Carter?!?!?! I actually have somewhere a Billy Beer can. My old beer can collection is somewhere in my parents basement.

bill said...

LOL, I had one of those cans too, seemed I could never get rid of it. I think it is still in my house somewhere, "hiding"

Brian B said...

Ray ... ich habe nicht gewusst, dass Du Deutsch sprechen kannst. Erste Lektion: Du und ich sprechen mit "Du", nicht mit "Sie".

Today I'm in Munich, which you could argue is the beer capital of Germany.

I had an awesome couple of Hacker-Pschorr weisse beers (one light, one dark). The brewery was founded in 1417, so I guess they've had some time to get the recipe right.

Kinger said...

Being a former Clevelander (and always will be one in my heart), I've enjoyed a few Great Lakes Christmas Ales today. Delicious.

Anonymous said...

GL X-Mas Ale...get some soon, sounds like they'll run out early.
Flying Dog has several beers that rock.

Ray Huang said...

Brian-My German is very rusty (not used since 1984 so I used babel fish. I could understand most all of what you wrote to my suprise, but I wouldn't be able to respond in German.

Kinger-buy a bike-get riding!!

I will get some Christmas ale this week.

Ray Huang said...

My Wife got back form the grocery store bearing a 6 pack of Christmas Ale. How sweet!! Its GUUUUoood!!

Ray Huang said...

Two new beers Ive tried that were good. at the amazing new South American food restaurant called Paladar at Eaton place n Chagrin is a Brazilian black beer called Zingo or Xingo. I forget, but it was tasty, especially with there cuisine. I also bought a six pack (continuing the Christmas theme) of Flying Dog K-9 Cruiser Winter Ale.